Business Coaching Services

Attention Restaurant Owners: Minimize Risk and Maximize Success with Heritage Restaurant Consultants’s Restaurant Consulting Services.

Operating a restaurant is risky business. With a high failure rate of approximately 60% within the first year, it's crucial to remain vigilant and adaptable in an ever-changing industry.

At Heritage Restaurant Consultants, we specialize in helping restaurants thrive. Celebrating our 23rd anniversary in 2024, we've coached, trained, and improved businesses across the US and worldwide.

Our dedicated business coaches are here to support you wherever you are. Whether on the East or West Coast, or somewhere in between, we offer personalized guidance through in-person sessions or video calls.

With our expertise, we can assist you in:

  1. Building a strong team of managers and employees
  2. Work with your team individually to build skills and knowhow in their respective areas of responsibility
  3. Creating a profitable food and beverage menu
  4. Implementing effective inventory and cost control systems
  5. Optimizing payroll and labor costs
  6. Accounting systems and cash management
  7. Determining your break-even sales point
  8. Developing a cost-effective brand and marketing strategy
  9. Identifying new profit opportunities
  10. Advising on new store development
  11. Streamlining staff training for exceptional guest experiences
  12. Implementing recognition and rewards programs to boost morale
  13. Connecting you with trusted vendors and resources for the best value

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