Based in Los Angeles with offices in Utah and Tennessee, Heritage Restaurant Consultants (HRC) is a specialist in concept creation, management and development for the food and entertainment industry. From strategy, operations, and general consulting to franchising and design.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our focus on the end user. The customer experience, operations, financial management, and brand experience are our top priorities when approaching a project. Our extensive experience allows us to bring together advanced food and restaurant concepts from around the world, taking into account regional considerations such as demographics and culture.

With over 89 new concepts and 950 restaurants and cafes under our belt, our team of partners and consultants have deep knowledge of combining creativity with operational realities. We have worked with renowned chefs and upscale hospitality groups, as well as clients in entertainment, casual dining, resorts, and more.

At HRC, differentiation is key. Whether it's restaurant start-ups, franchising, menu design, or marketing solutions, we specialize in making your business stand out. Our range of services and consulting products are designed to make your operations more exciting and appealing to customers.

Looking for growth and success in the restaurant industry? Let HRC be your catalyst. Our expertise in concept development, business plans, and financial management is unsurpassed. We are passionate about food, design, staying ahead of trends, always with the bottom line in mind. With us, you can expect increased frequency and new revenue streams.

In the world of restaurants, differentiation is what separates success from failure. So, where will you be without HRC?





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