Consulting Services & Engagements

Given our global and unique experience Heritage Restaurant Consultants accepts a broad range of engagements. We specialize in creating innovative concepts that blend creativity and efficiency to deliver a captivating brand experience. Whether we're revitalizing existing brands or developing new ones, we have the skills and experience to set them apart from the general market. Our services extend offering expert analysis and strategic guidance to investors and entrepreneurs looking to make informed business purchases, or enhance performance.

Other consulting services include: Operational evaluation, franchise and growth strategy, general start up or turn around advice.

Strategy Formulation

Strategy formulation is both a leadership skill and a process that leaders use to focus their organizations on their future direction and positioning, to adapt to the ever evolving marketplace. The formulation process is when fundamental decisions are made in regards to product offer and business design.

Strategy formulation is iterative: the key players assess, decide, act, and review their own performance. The process prepares key people to take responsibility for strategy implementation for the chosen route

TNI works with top management define a strategic vision that is anchored firmly in the organization’s values and beliefs. We differ in approach through the application of our analytic process to explore and assess strategic options and to plan and execute the strategy. This approach results in a clear, specific strategy, a strong sense of involvement and strategic ownership, and focused operational decision making.


There is nothing more-true that the saying; ‘Its all in the Execution’. The singular most common reason for failed business is the failure to execute.

It is for this reason that Heritage Restaurant Consultants team, continuously seek to find the best and most effective methodology and systems to assist clients execute new and existing concepts with precision and consistency.

Throughout each engagement, our experienced consultants deploy our processes and systems. Successful strategy execution is enhanced by using our systematic approach to project management to pursue the projects and initiatives required to execute the plan and tactics. Through modern and appropriate training techniques combined with performance support, TNI provides a common language/common process approach that acts as a vehicle for planning, organizing, administering, and controlling the delivery of all the projects needed to implement the agreed strategies quickly and effectively.

The end result is elevated product, service and operational excellence.

Business & Strategy Planning


Business planning, through the creation and refinement of a formal business plan, is essential for two key reasons: -

It is the owner’s/director’s formal guide to the long-term aims of the business and shorter-term delivery mechanisms. A good business plan should be constantly monitored against actual performance, changing strategic goals and market realities, and refined accordingly.

It acts as a ‘signature’ for the business to a range of interested parties, demonstrating a structured commitment to delivering a set of goals and objectives, via formal strategic, financial and tactical planning.

What defines Strategy?

In essence; Strategy is the long-term plan for a business (or brand) including a determination of key audiences and an understanding of what those audiences need to know about the overall business or brand and experience.

Its importance cannot not be underestimated as with-out a strategy there is no direction, and without direction most business’s crash!