Open a TNI Office

The Next Idea LLC. believes that a strong international network will help make our services more accessible, and provide international clients with an enhanced service at a local level. Our expansion plan includes a Partnership program that allows qualified consultants achieve good margins while growing a sustainable business under The Next Idea name.

Our proprietary systems and services have gained significant interest both in the US and internationally, further we can provide infrastructure and marketing systems that will help support growth.

We have two Partner platforms available:

Franchise a TNI Office – this applies to consultants looking to open a TNI office in a specific country or territory

TNI Broker – this applies to a sales and marketing professional, seeking to represent The Next Idea and our services



    Must be either an existing Consultant (Specializing in hospitality consulting or restaurant consulting) with an existing customer base OR An existing (or previously successful) business owner OR

    A C. Level Executive with at least 15 years in the Restaurant or Hospitality business

    Sales Broker with at least 5 years sales and marketing experience

    Capital Requirement:

    Capital required will be commensurate with type of office you are looking to open

    If you're interested in opening a TNI office in a specified territory, under The Next Idea name, please fill out the form below. One of our Partners will contact you as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your interest.